National Target

  published: 15 Oct 2020

National Target 19: By 2020, at the latest, the mobilization of financial resources for an effective implementation of NBSAP from all potential sources, and in accordance with agreed process in the strategy for resource mobilization, is reinforced and increased substantially from the current levels.


Funding for Biodiversity conservation has been inadequate for implementing proposed environmental activities in different sectors. The major sources of financing biodiversity conservation have been Government, development partners, and some international NGOs. Part of the reason why funding levels have been low  is due to lack of a holistic approach to financing biodiversity conservation that takes into consideration the potential of biodiversity in poverty reduction, economic development, health, and sanitation among others. There is also a need to diversify funding sources such as bringing on board the private sector as well as exploring other mechanisms such as the Payment for ecosystem service (PES) and carbon trading.

Level of application
National / Federal
Relevance of National Targets to Aichi Targets
20. Resource mobilization
1. Awareness of biodiversity values
2. Integration of biodiversity values
3. Incentives
4. Use of natural resources
5. Loss of habitats
6. Sustainable fisheries
8. Pollution
9. Invasive Alien Species
10. Vulnerable ecosystems
11. Protected areas
12. Preventing extinctions
13. Agricultural biodiversity
14. Essential ecosystem services
15. Ecosystem resilience
16. Nagoya Protocol on ABS
17. NBSAPs
18. Traditional knowledge
19. Biodiversity knowledge
Relevant documents and information
Exploration and expansion of more financing mechanisms are key for the successful implementation of the NBSAP. In addition, getting the Government to increase funding for implementing the NBSAP is also critical. To achieve this, there was a need to develop the resource mobilization capacity of various agencies as well as their ability to utilize available financial resources in a transparent manner that ensures value for money and gives confidence to the funders. The Resource Mobilization Plan in the NBSAP has provided direction as to  how this national target is to be achieved.