National Target

  published: 04 Mar 2020

Target 17: By 2025, there is a significant increase in funds and resources mobilised for the conservation of biodiversity from both government and non-government sources.


Mobilizing financial resources for conservation investments is crucial to address the direct and indirect pressures on biodiversity and to drive conservation efforts. Globally, it is estimated that the loss of ecosystem services and biodiversity is valued at around USD 740 billion per annum. Like many countries, the majority of biodiversity finance in Malaysia is largely being generated through traditional sources of finance namely government budget allocations, official development assistance (ODA), corporate CSR and philanthropy. However, there is limited understanding of how existing financing is contributing to desirable biodiversity outcomes. Target 17 aims to improve resource mobilization for biodiversity through i. improving the utilization of the existing funding mechanism; ii. Scale-up National Conservation Trust Funds; iii. Explore and implement new and innovative financing mechanisms and iv. Diversify state governments’ revenue streams. 

Level of application
National / Federal
Relevance of National Targets to Aichi Targets
Aichi-T20. Resource mobilization