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  published: 10 May 2019

Objective 6.1 - By 2014, raise awareness about the concept of ABS in the context of the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol, and widely disseminate information on ABS.


It is important to raise the level of awareness of users and providers of genetic resources on the CBD and related ABS provisions, including the Nagoya Protocol, as well as on ‘best practices’. As the ABS provisions of the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol are insufficiently known and can be ambiguous and difficult to understand for practitioners, it is important that more efforts are made to promote their understanding, explain their relevance and implications, and build capacities.

A first step towards an information campaign on ABS issues has been taken by Belgium by launching an analysis of Belgian stakeholders’ awareness of the ABS provisions, and the impact of these provisions on their policy towards the implementation of ABS principles. Following this assessment, Belgium has included several awareness-raising and capacity building activities in the Federal Plan for the integration of biodiversity in four key sectors (2009-2013).

Within the context of the national study on the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol, two stakeholder workshops took place in 2012. These stakeholder workshops had a dual purpose: raising awareness among stakeholders about the provisions of the Nagoya Protocol; and providing stakeholders with an opportunity to comment on the study and feed these back into the process of implementation.

An important supporting tool to exchange information on the CBD and its related Protocols is the Belgian Clearing-House Mechanism of the Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD CHM) which is part of an international network of CBD CHMs. It was set up to illustrate what Belgium is doing within the framework and the implementation of the CBD (Belgian CBD CHM:

In the Belgian development cooperation programmes related to biodiversity, which are implemented in the southern partner countries, support for the implementation of the national CBD clearing houses is a priority.

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