National Target

  published: 13 Feb 2019

National Target 3: By 2020 incentives harmful to biodiversity are reformed and positive incentives are enhanced.


The different forms of incentives provided in the renewable natural resources sector (RNR) are mainly targeted at realizing the goals of food and nutritional security, enhancement of rural livelihood and reduction of the high import dependency. Even though, these incentives are relatively small, they are considered positive in terms of their contribution but their impacts on biodiversity are yet to be assessed. In the Forestry sector, subsidized timber and the right to collect NWFPs are generally perceived to be harmful since these resources are extracted on an ad-hoc basis from unmanaged forests. The Integrated Conservation and Development Progammes is seen as a positive incentive, albeit with sustainability issues. Therefore, the focus of this target is on ascertaining the impacts of incentives on biodiversity for appropriate interventions.

Level of application
National / Federal
Relevance of National Targets to Aichi Targets
Aichi-T3. Incentives
Incentives, including subsidies, harmful to biodiversity, eliminated, phased out or reformed in order to minimize of avoid negative impacts
Positive incentives for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity developed and applied