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  published: 27 Jul 2018


  • Republic of Moldova
  • 5th National Report (2009-2014)
The fifth national report on biodiversity conservation was elaborated based on the available information after the current evaluation of the first four national reports, the Biodiversity Conservation National Strategy and Action Plan and the project of the new variant of the Biodiversity Conservation National Strategy and Action Planuntil2020. Thanks to all the databases on the activities aimed at biodiversity conservation (political, legislative and institutional aspects, basic research, monitoring, activities of governmental and non governmental organizations, goals and objectives of the Ministry of Environment)the information presented in this National Report reflects the actual state of the process of implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and of the Biodiversity Conservation National Strategy in the Republic of Moldova. In process of elaboration the Fifth National Report, contacts were established and it was cooperated with various governmental and non-governmental organizations, scientists from academic and sectoral institutions, with the specialists of the Natural Resources and Biodiversity Division of the Ministry of Environment.
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Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Moldova
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