National Report

  published:27 Jul 2018

Third National Report on the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity

  • Republic of Moldova
  • 3rd National Report (2001-2005)
The plant kingdom of the Moldova includes 5513 plant species (higherplants – 1989 species) and 1200 species of Mycophyta. The majority of the species are relict tertiary and quaternary species. Same rare species are sub-endemic: Genista tetragona, Centaurea thirei, Centaurea anngelescui, Euonymus nana. The animal kingdom includes 14800 species of animal, including 461 species of vertebrates. About 55 species are relict for Ponto-Caspian area. The share of endangered biota is rather high. The current status of plant and animals indicate that many species are becoming more endangered and should be protected by state. 126 species of plant, 9 species of fungi and 116 animal species are included in the “Red Book”. The invasive alien species includes 463 plant species. Acer negundo represent a great danger for forest ecosystem. 216 bird species are migratory in open spaces and according to East-European migration routes. The lower streams of the Nistru and Prut rivers are main rest place for aquatic and paludous birds. The forests of the Moldova belong to the first group, having only the function of environmental protection (protection of water, lands and soil; recreation and scientific). Oak grove and acacia grove are the most significant forest communities which constitute about 80% of the total afforested territory of the republic. Volume of timber mass is 38 -40 mln m3. About 30% are young forests, 60% are middle-aged and pre-exploited forests and only 10% are exploited forests. Legal annual cutting were effected on a surface about 15 thousand and the volume of the collected timber mass is 500 thousand m3. The80% of the total volume assigned as firewood for the population.
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Biodiversity Office of the the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of tghe Republic of Moldova
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