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  published:27 Jul 2018

Second National Report on the Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity

  • Republic of Moldova
  • 2nd National Report (1997-2001)
The background for the preparation of the Second National Report has been information available from the ongoing assessment of the First National Report on Biological Diversity, Biodiversity Conservation National Strategy and Action Plan. Due to the database of all „biodiversity“ activities in Moldova (including legislative, political and institutional aspects, basic research, monitoring, state organizations and NGOs activities, tasks and goals of the Ministry of Ecology, Construction and Territorial Development /MECTD/and other sectors), the information given below in this NR provided realistic reflection and an answer regarding the real situation in the status of implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity and BCNSAP in Moldova. Several contacts and co-operation have been used within the preparation of this National Report such as some NGOs and state organizations, scientists from academic and branch institutions, National Scientific Board on Biodiversity Conservation and General Division on Protected Areas and Biodiversity.
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Ministry of Ecology, Construction and Territorial Development of the Republic of Moldova, 9 Cosmonautilor Str., MD 2005, Chisinau., Republic of Moldova
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