National Target

  published: 13 Feb 2019

TARGET 1: By 2020 at least 80% of the population are aware of the importance of biodiversity with an increased knowledge on the link and impact of human activities on the major ecosystems


There is a prevailing level of information and knowledge on biodiversity and its value for human wellbeing, is very low. Given this weak level of knowledge on the value, the causes and consequences of biodiversity loss, the behaviour of a wide range of actors is unfavourable to the protection of biodiversity. Furthermore, Private sector actors driven by short-term profit motives do not yet understand the linkage between investment in maintaining ecosystem health and sustainability of the ecosystem services and the natural resource base on which their profit is dependent.

There is a critical need to improve knowledge in educational establishments, media, literature, decentralised authorities, national and sector level decision makers, NGOs and indigenous and local communities. Targeted awareness programs on the long term benefits of corporate responsibility towards biodiversity conservation and sustainable use is necessary to secure private sector involvement.

Level of application
National / Federal
Relevance of National Targets to Aichi Targets
Aichi-T1. Awareness of biodiversity values