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  published: 10 Mar 2017

The Fifth National Report of the Czech Republic to the Convention on Biological Diversity

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  • 5th National Report (2009-2014)
The Fifth National Report provides an overview of the present status and trends of biodiversity and its protection in the Czech Republic. The report is divided into three parts – the first one updates the previous Fourth National Report with the current status and trends of biodiversity in the Czech Republic. The second part provides information on the present National Biodiversity Strategy 2005 – 2015 and on its response to the current CBD Strategic Plan. The third part deals with the current performance and fulfilment of the Strategic Plan and the Aichi Biodiversity Targets at the national level. Proper protection of biodiversity as well as landscape and environmental protection is a necessary prerequisite for any sustainable development of the Czech Republic. In this sense biodiversity protection is included /reflected in numerous national strategic documents and policies (Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development in the Czech Republic1, State Environmental Policy of the Czech Republic2, National Biodiversity Strategy of the Czech Republic 2005-20153 and Update of the State Programme for Nature and Landscape Protection4). Even though biodiversity protection is significantly covered by the key strategic documents, general awareness on the importance of biodiversity, especially due to its relationship to functionality of ecosystems and ecosystem services is still weak. The key change should arrive with the update of the present National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plan 2005 - 2015 (hereinafter as the “Updated NBSAP”), which will take place within the next two years. The Updated NBSAP will among other focus on mainstreaming of biodiversity protection aiming at integrating it into the decision making processes at all levels of the state administration (see details in Chapter 2). The key finding of this report is that no significant changes in biodiversity status and trends have been recorded since the submission of the Fourth National Report in 2009. Individual changes in status and trends as recorded e.g. by indicators of selected species population are reported in Chapter 1. These individual changes in biodiversity status and trends are mostly due to the following threats: 1) Breakdown, damaging and destruction of the original environment leading to its vanishing; 2) invasive alien species; 3) excess deposition of nutrients in the environment, especially nitrogen and phosphorus (eutrophication); 4) direct hunting by man and overexploitation of target species and other taxa; 5) climate change; 6) natural disasters; 7) contamination of the environment with pollutants; 8) diseases (see details in Chapter 1). The main part of the National Report is the review of the current progress in implementation of the CBD Strategic Plan 2011-2020 and its Aichi Biodiversity Targets. Since the present NBSAP (2005-2015) does not directly reflect the CBD Strategic Plan 2011-2020 and most of the individual strategic objectives are reflected only partially, it was not possible to sum up, how the individual Aichi Targets are being fulfilled by the current NBSAP. The present status of the implementation of the Aichi Targets and their coverage by the national regulations and strategies is in detail described in Chapter 3. The updated NBSAP will cover all the Aichi Targets relevant for the Czech Republic, including the set indicators, allowing better monitoring of the implementation progress.
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