Financial Reporting Framework: Reporting on baseline and progress towards 2015

  published: 07 Jul 2021
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Oliver Müller
Office of Environment
Forest and Landscape
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1. International financial resource flows

1.1 Please indicate the amount of resources provided by your country in support of biodiversity in developing countries, in particular least developed countries and small island developing States, as well as countries with economies in transition.

Please indicate, as appropriate, the nominal amount of financial resources provided by source as well as the total amount. Please also indicate your degree of confidence in the estimated amount or, alternatively, provide a range of estimates.

Switzerland Franc (CHF)
in millions
Year ODA OOF Other flows Total
2006 19 19
2007 22 22
2008 26 26
2009 28 28
2010 28 28
Average (baseline) 25 0 0 25
  • Bilateral
  • Multilateral
  • Directly related
  • Indirectly related
Liechtenstein does not use CRS reporting based on the OECD DAC standards. Therefore, the Rio Markers are not applicable.
Year ODA OOF Other flows Total
2011 28 28
2012 27 27
2013 26 26
2014 25 25
2015 23 23
Methodological information:
  • No
2. Inclusion of biodiversity in priorities and plans
Some inclusion achieved
Yes, Liechtenstein has started to include biodiversity in its priorities and plans. For more detailed information also consider the 5th and 6th national report.
3. Assessment and/or evaluation of values
  • Some assessments undertaken
Liechtenstein has started to invest in the assessment of biodiversity values. For example, a study is currently calculating the monetary values of nature reserves, landscape protection areas, protection forests and renaturation of rivers.
4.Reporting current domestic biodiversity expenditures
Switzerland Franc (CHF)
in millions
Year Domestic expenditures Overall confidence
2006 7 Medium
2007 7 Medium
2008 7 Medium
2009 7 Medium
2010 8 Medium
2011 8 Medium
2012 8 Medium
2013 8 Medium
2014 7 Medium
2015 7 Medium
Average 7 Medium
Numbers above cover Expenditures directly related to biodiversity Expenditures indirectly related to biodiversity
Government budgets – central
Government budgets – state/provincial
Government budgets – local/municipal
Some assessments undertaken
Number of funds from private organisations and foundations for nature conservation and environmental protection
Methodological information:
  • Conceptual and Methodological Framework for Evaluating the Contribution of Collective Action to Biodiversity Conservation
  • Other
There is a whole range of private organisations in Liechtenstein, such as the Liechtenstein Society for Environmental Protection, the botanical-zoological society, CIPRA, etc., as well as private foundations which are involved in nature and environmental protection. Unfortunately, it is not possible to quantify exactly how much money they spend each year on nature and landscape conservation.
5. Reporting funding needs, gaps, and priorities

Please indicate your annual estimated funding need (for instance, based on your revised NBSAP) and calculate the estimated funding gap by subtracting estimated available resources. Indicate actions for priority funding.

Please start with the year which is most appropriate for your own planning purposes.

Switzerland Franc (CHF)
in millions
Year Funding need Estimated available resources Estimated funding gap Actions for priority funding
2014 8 7 1
2015 8 7 1
2016 8 8 0
2017 8 8 0
2018 9 9 0
2019 9 9 0
2020 9 9 0
6. National finance plans
Please provide a brief synthesis of your finance plan, by indicating, in the table below, your planned resource mobilization, by source, and their respective planned contributions towards your identified finance gap.
Switzerland Franc (CHF)
in millions
Expected funding gap 1100000
Domestic sources (total) 0000000
International sources (total) 0000000
Remaining gap 1100000
  • Some measures taken
In recent years, the Liechtenstein Society for Environmental Protection has launched various projects to promote biodiversity. For example, the "natural, colorful, and species-rich" project, which aims to enhance settlement green spaces, or the "Nature and Economy" project, which aims to increase the diversity of species within industrial and commercial areas.However, there are also private foundations such as LIFE Climate Foundation, which is committed to climate protection, which also contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.
8. Availability of financial resources for achieving targets