Financial Reporting Framework: Reporting on baseline and progress towards 2015

  published: 20 Sep 2016
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Nature Conservation Department
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1. International financial resource flows

1.1 Please indicate the amount of resources provided by your country in support of biodiversity in developing countries, in particular least developed countries and small island developing States, as well as countries with economies in transition.

Please indicate, as appropriate, the nominal amount of financial resources provided by source as well as the total amount. Please also indicate your degree of confidence in the estimated amount or, alternatively, provide a range of estimates.

Hungary Forint (HUF)
in units
Year ODA OOF Other flows Total
2006 0 5,000,000 5,000,000
2007 0 5,000,000 5,000,000
2008 0 8,610,153 8,610,153
2009 0 8,610,153 8,610,153
2010 0 2,474,915 2,474,915
Average (baseline) 0 5,939,044 0 5,939,044
  • Directly related
Data was provided by Research Centre for Farm Animal Gene Conservation, Hungary.
Year ODA OOF Other flows Total
2011 0 2,464,915 2,464,915
2012 0 2,827,234 2,827,234
2013 0 5,174,500 5,174,500
2014 388,033,200 3,120,196 1,434,500 392,587,896
2015 0 0
Methodological information:
  • Some measures taken
Hungary hasn’t collected data on ODA related to biodiversity separately, only since 2014. Therefore we are not able to provide information regarding financial flows on the previous period. Data of 2015 is not available yet.
2. Inclusion of biodiversity in priorities and plans
Some inclusion achieved
The aspects of biodiversity has been integrated into the following programs: National Environmental Program 2014-2020 (NEP-4) National Nature Conservation Master Plan 2014-2020 National Spatial Plan Second National Climate Change Strategy for 2014-2025 with an outlook to 2050 National Rural Development Strategy 2012-2020 (NRDS) National Action Plan for the Development of Ecological Farming 2014-2020 „Kincsem” National Equestrian Program 2014-2020 National Plant Protection Action Plan National Water Strategy
3. Assessment and/or evaluation of values
  • Not yet started
4.Reporting current domestic biodiversity expenditures
Euro Member Countries (EUR)
in units
Year Domestic expenditures Overall confidence
2006 13,474,146
2007 18,926,790
2008 19,741,524
2009 19,377,855
2010 18,355,943
2011 14,683,143
2012 17,233,836
2013 16,374,385
2014 8,791,959
2015 8,847,027
Average 15,580,661 No value selected
Numbers above cover Expenditures directly related to biodiversity Expenditures indirectly related to biodiversity
Government budgets – central
The domestic expenditure contains: maintenance of national parks; EU support related to nature conservation: European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), European Fisheries Fund (EFF), Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund, LIFE+; the support for gene conservation institutions; call for proposal on national gene conservation. There are several other indirect flows that also contribute to the conservation of biological diversity (e.g.: local planning projects, educational programmes) but data is not disaggregated, therefore it could not be included into this report.
Not yet started
5. Reporting funding needs, gaps, and priorities

Please indicate your annual estimated funding need (for instance, based on your revised NBSAP) and calculate the estimated funding gap by subtracting estimated available resources. Indicate actions for priority funding.

Please start with the year which is most appropriate for your own planning purposes.

Euro Member Countries (EUR)
in units
Year Funding need Estimated available resources Estimated funding gap Actions for priority funding
2014 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
2015 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
2016 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
2017 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
2018 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
2019 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
2020 128,914,320 15,580,661 113,333,659
The funding need has been calculated on the basis of "A prioritised action framework (PAF) for Natura 2000 for the EU Multiannual Financing Period 2014-2020", and the "Impact Assessment of the National Strategy for the Conservation of Biodiversity".
6. National finance plans
Please provide a brief synthesis of your finance plan, by indicating, in the table below, your planned resource mobilization, by source, and their respective planned contributions towards your identified finance gap.
Euro Member Countries (EUR)
in units
Expected funding gap 113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659
Domestic sources (total) 0000000
International sources (total) 0000000
Remaining gap 113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659113,333,659
  • Some measures taken
8. Availability of financial resources for achieving targets